Principal’s Message

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to Dafna International School Kindergarten website.

As the Principal of Dafna International School Kindergarten, I manoeuvre many years of educational experience, both as an administrator and an educator, along with an amazing staff of caring, skilful educators, to create the best educational environment that has been admirably adapted for our young scholars.

Dafna KG is a Montessori Kindergarten that follows the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori. Our learning environment excellently meets the specific and individual needs of each child, while also enabling all students from different cultures and races to come together for a diverse experience, developing their social skills and communication skills to build friendships. Our safe and happy environment allows our students to experience opportunities inside the classroom and beyond. We stimulate courtesy, deference, and individual responsibility, along with challenging and supporting our students. We help shape their young minds with tender care to be ready for the real world.

The partnership and communication between the students, parents, and teachers is what brings excellence from our students. We create the elements for success that will give them an advantage in their later years through quality teaching, student support, and our commitment to extra-curricular activities.  With the excellence of the DISK staff, we can ensure you that your child achieves their absolute best and maximizes their potentials.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment and request a tour of our kindergarten. I am enthusiastic and looking forward to meeting you and discussing any questions you have regarding our programs and what we can do for your child.

Thank you.

Fathima Lafir