About Us

Dafna International School Kindergarten provides a warm, nourishing, and engaging atmosphere that is conducive to learning at an early age. Our Kindergarten has been providing and promoting high quality early childhood education by incorporating Montessori Method of education since 2015, in addition to applying the curriculum standards adopted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education – Qatar for compulsory subjects like Arabic, Islamic studies and Quran and Qatar History.

The Montessori approach which we have implemented allows our children to learn through understanding, rather than through being told. From this understanding, our children can develop confidence and a joy in learning

We integrate our active communication with parents and the community to effectively improve the educational process. To stimulate effective education, we provide comprehensive and continuous professional development program to our staff to achieve the highest quality standards in education.

Educators possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or a relevant Degree for teaching are hired specifically for their teaching talents pertaining to our specific age groups. One Teacher and a Teacher Assistant are appointed in each classroom to ensure a consistent and nurturing environment.

Our Montessori curriculum provides the structure of our classes.  Free play, circle time, story sharing, theme-based activities, snack, and transitions reflect our Kindergarten classes taught by our teachers committed to creating a community for both children and parents to learn and grow.

The Kindergarten Principal is actively engaged and connected to the day-to-day happenings in the classroom. The Principal and the teaching staff partnership to uphold the Kindergarten’s philosophy, maintain DISK learning standards, and ensure that all aspects of the program run smoothly. All members of the administrative team are hired from within, as we feel strongly that this enables us to have a focused and intimate understanding of all aspects of DISK.