Admission Policy


  • To ensure that the school gets maximum admissions possible without making a    compromise.
  • To have a fair and transparent policy for all parents.
  • To make the admission process easy for parents and students.


Dafna International School Kindergarten aims to provide high-quality educational experience through a fair and transparent admission system. The policy ensures proper admission procedure with respect to each application received for admission. It also seeks to set selection criteria which is transparent, fair and consistent.

Selection Criteria:

The admission for Pre KG, KG-1 and KG-2 will be confirmed only after a face-to-face interview with the applicant and assessment tests. These assessment tests are a tool for both the school and the parent to get a genuine assessment where the child stands and if there are any particular areas of weaknesses that need to be focused upon.

Applicants must demonstrate through interview and entrance assessment that they are capable of engaging with an English medium curriculum.  Applicant’s learning and social skills, together with their ability to cooperate with adults and other children, will be taken into consideration.

Upon being offered a place, a completed application form along with the necessary supporting documents must be submitted and a non-refundable application / registration fee must be paid in order to process the application.

The Application Form must be filled out in English by the Parents of the applicant.

Supporting Documents:

Applicants must submit the application package in full with the following documents at the time of registration.

 4 Photographs of students.Health Report of the student.
 Copy of student’s passport.Copy of the Health Card.
 Copy of student’s QID.Copy of the Birth Certificate.
 Copy of Father’s passport.Copy of a Progress report from the previous school.
 Copy of Father’s QID.Copy of vaccination / immunization certificate of the applicant.
 Copy of Mother’s passport.A signed fee regulations agreement form.
 Copy of Mother’s QID.  

Important Note, the applicant will not be granted admission without a valid RP.

Special Needs:

Special Needs children of any nationality will not be admitted if they are identified through assessments by our school officials to have learning and /or behavioral difficulties and the school is unable to offer an appropriate curriculum or required facilities.