Attendance Policy

Regular and consistent attendance is essential to learning, improving the achievement of all students, maintaining a respectful school climate, and a student’s successful school performance. The goal of the student attendance policy is to promote consistent, daily school and class attendance. The expectation is that all students will have, at a minimum, at least ninety-five percent (95%) attendance in school and in each class during each school day. A student who is truant, frequently absent, or frequently tardy to school without adequate reason is in violation of this policy. A student who is absent for more than two weeks continuously without a valid reason will be regarded as withdrawn from the school and his/her name will automatically be dropped  from the National Students Information System (NSIS) 

  • The school day starts at 7.15 am and ends at 12.00 pm
  • Parents/Guardians must call the school to give notification of an absence by no later than 7.00 am on the morning of the absence.
  • If a call is not made, a note from the parent/guardian or the student’s medical provider is due on the day that the student returns to school explaining the absence.
  • In instances of chronic or irregular absence reportedly due to illness, the principal or head may request a physician’s statement certifying such absences to be justifiable.
  • If an extended absence of a student is foreseen, the parent/guardian should contact the principal/head of school to make arrangements for the completion of academic requirements.

Excused absences include:

  • personal illness or quarantine for Covid 19
  • absences attributable to personal trauma; grieving, death in the family, or serious illness in the family;
  • observance or practice of a religious holiday;
  • medical appointments that absolutely cannot be made outside of school hours or counseling visits;
  • legal matters requiring a personal appearance;
  • School-related trips, assemblies, or meetings.

A student may also be excused for other exceptional reasons, with the approval of the school administration not exceeding seven-day sessions.

Unexcused absences include:

  • Trips not approved in advance by the principal/head of upper school;
  • Staying home to avoid an examination in a given subject or to study for an examination;
  • Leaving the school building during the school day without signing out in the Principal/head of upper school’s office;
  • Oversleeping or otherwise being tardy to school (three unexcused lateness will be counted as one unexcused absence);
  • Any other absence that is not excused or any excusable absence that is not reported by a parent/guardian/caregiver by a telephone call or written note from a parent/guardian/caregiver or the student’s medical provider upon the student’s return to school.

Early Exits and Tardiness

  • When a student is at school, the student is under the supervision of all teachers and the school authorities and must get permission from the principal/head or school’s office to leave early. 
  • Any student who does not sign out of school in the principal/head or school’s office before leaving will be unexcused.
  • Each teacher shall keep a record of the absence or tardiness of students. A student who enters the classroom after the time appointed for the beginning of the session shall be recorded as  tardy

To ensure the well-being of all students, the school will contact parents by phone call if a child is absent from school without notice.

Late Pick Up

All students must be collected from school within 15 minutes from dismissal time; however, parents who have not collected their child before 2:00 pm will receive a telephone call. From 2:00 pm uncollected students will be supervised in the Reception area by the school Security Guard.