Fire and Safety Policy

Overall Responsibility for Fire Safety Matters

The Principal of the Kindergarten is the responsible person for the school and will have overall responsibility for fire safety matters at the school. She will co-ordinate the implementation of fire safety measures, ensure that staff and pupil training take place and monitor the standard of fire precautions maintained. She will also ensure that a fire evacuation drill is undertaken early in each term and every month. Also ensuring that fire action notices are kept up to date and all fire safety equipment is properly maintained. Roles may be designated to site staff and other Leadership members to assist under the responsibility of the Principal.

To comply with these regulations the following duties have been complied with, these include:

  • A Fire Risk Assessment specific to each property has been undertaken by a competent person and its findings communicated to all employees. The Fire Risk Assessment will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it is still valid.
  • A fire evacuation procedure has been established, displayed at all fire call points and

communicated to all employees. Information is also available to the parents through our school website.

  • A Fire Emergency Plan is held at each of the School’s buildings and is tailor made to suit the needs of the property to which it relates.
  • Information, instruction, and training are provided to all employees about fire precautions in the workplace at induction and from time to time throughout the period they work for the School.
  • Firefighting equipment, detection/warning systems, emergency lighting, emergency routes, exits and signage are regularly serviced, maintained and sited at appropriate locations.
  • A fire log file is kept in the building which contains the Fire Risk Assessment, Fire

Emergency Plan, records of evacuation drills, fire alarm tests and maintenance records of all firefighting equipment, detection/warning systems and emergency lighting.

  • These records enable fire safety precautions to be managed effectively. Evidence is also maintained and can be given in the event of a request being made by an enforcing authority to demonstrate that fire safety responsibilities are effectively managed.

Fire Drill Policy

Fire drills are held every month throughout the academic year. Everybody will be required to exit the building, and every class will proceed to its assigned area until dismissed by an administrator.

Special drill activities related to fire safety will be planned and implemented by the school Principal in accordance with the Civil Defense -Qatar to ensure the orderly movement of students to the safest available space.

During a fire drill, students will be asked to promptly follow the set procedure:

  • The fire signal will sound, teachers will turn off the lights.
  • Every fire drill will be regarded as a real fire.
  • The assigned admin/ teacher will check to see that restrooms, hallways, and unoccupied classes are clear of people.
  • Teachers must have the class list in their possession.
  • Students will lineup in a single line and leave the classroom in a quiet and orderly manner.
  • Students must walk slowly and on the right side while/ if descending any stairs, leaving the left side available to teachers.
  • Move to a safe area at least 100 feet from the building to avoid smoke.
  • When the assigned site is reached, students will remain quiet and orderly lines. Teachers will take roll call and sure all the students are present.
  • Selected Admin staff / teacher will be stationed to prohibit students from using a particular exit.
  • When the “all clear alarm” is sounded, students and teachers will proceed in an orderly and quiet manner back to their respective classrooms.
  • Students are reminded that Fire Drills are a serious matter and should not be taken lightly when the alarm is sounded.
  • Drills will be planned so that students are trained to execute a fire drill effectively at any time during the school day.
  • Exit fire drill regulations will be displayed in each classroom in a noticeable place.
  • Regulations will show the number of exits and alternative exits to be used in an emergency. This information will be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the regulations.
  • The principal will make a master copy of the plan of exit for the building and place a copy on file in the Admin office.

Fire Drill Guidelines

In the event of a fire, evacuation shall be implemented as the below guidelines:

  • Clear announced roles and responsibilities for the duties during the fire drill.
  • Assigned individual Call 999
  •  If time permits, an intercom announcement will be made describing where the fire is located.
  • The alarm shall sound.
  • Staff and students must evacuate the building via posted “primary exit” or “alternative exit” if safe. If unsafe, use the nearest safe exit to clear the building. (School building Plan)
  • Student monitors occupying rooms near exits will be appointed to hold the doors open until everyone has cleared the exit.
  • Close all windows and doors (do not lock doors) to contain the fire.
  • Do not stop to gather personal items.
  • Pushing, talking, or any kind of horseplay will not be tolerated.
  • An assigned employee will check restrooms, hallways, and unoccupied rooms.
  • Move to a safe area at least 100 feet from the building, clear of emergency vehicle access.
  • Teachers will immediately account for all students
  • The building will not be re-entered until the proper “all clear” signal is given.