Food Policy

Statement and Aim

Dafna International School Kindergarten regards snack time and lunch time, as an important part of the school’s session. Eating represents a social time for children and adults and helps children to learn about healthy eating and oral health. We aim to:

  • To make meal/snack times a pleasurable and safe experience for the learners.
  • To promote healthy eating by providing a choice of fresh, nutritious food, which meets the children’s individual dietary needs.
  • To educate children of the effects that foods and drinks have on our bodies and support them in making healthy choices.
  • To encourage those parents to pack a healthy nutritious lunch or snacks and to make them aware of those children within our Kindergarten that may have severe allergies.


Staff of Dafna Kindergarten will ensure children receive positive education about healthy lifestyles including nutrition and exercise. In cases where children have special needs related to eating, staff will seek support from the concerned parents and nutritionists.


As part of our Kindergarten curriculum, we occasionally offer cooking experiences. We will endeavour to make our cooking opportunities healthy and inclusive of all children.

Food safety

Children will be encouraged to wash hands before eating and will be supervised during snack and lunch times.

Drinks and Food containers

Water is provided each day for children to drink while at kindergarten. However, the parents are requested to send a bottle of water with your child every day. Please make sure all food containers and drink bottles are named and that your child can identify which lunch box and drink bottle is theirs.

Plastic water bottles for students

Dafna International School Kindergarten is conscious of the number of disposable plastic drinking cups, which students will use if they are made available. This is not only costly, but also damaging to the environment.

Children must bring a reusable bottle from home, clearly labelled with their name, which can be re-filled from water coolers available in the Kindergarten.


The kindergarten recognises the importance of celebrating special events, such as birthdays however we ask that families do not supply food. Many children have allergies, and this helps us to keep children safe. Sometimes we have several birthdays in a week, and this can have a huge impact on the curriculum.

Children’s birthdays will be celebrated with a card and song. If the child wishes they can also wear a birthday dress on that day and give gift items (No food) to their classmates.

Note- Gift items should be larger than 3 inches to avoid choking hazards.

Gift bags may contain small toys or stationery items and should be given to the class teacher at drop off in the morning. These will be issued to the children at the end of the school day. Parents will not be allowed into the child’s class to give out the gift bags personally.

Special events

Foods that do not comply with healthy eating guidelines are able to be offered as part of a special event. We call these food “sometimes only foods”.

Eid, Mother’s Day, Library Week celebrations at the kindergarten will endeavour to promote healthy eating habits and lifestyles and foods will be permitted as per the guidelines.

Parents are not allowed to send food to school for distribution without obtaining prior approval. If they still like to send food to the school, they must call the school for “allergy safe” suggestions.

The following foods are encouraged: –

1-         Homemade sandwiches

2-         Boiled egg in a sandwich

3-         Pre-packed sandwiches

4-         Cup Cakes

5-         Fresh fruits

6-         Salads – fruits or vegetables

7-         Yoghurt

8-         Milk

9-         Water

Please avoid packaged food, food high in preservatives sugar, salt and fat Foods that contain the above can have a huge impact on children’s concentration, behaviour, and wellbeing. Healthy options support children to concentrate and learn.

Any child bringing in food that is not permitted will have it confiscated and it will only be returned at the end of the day.

Following food items are NOT permitted at Dafna International School Kindergarten.

1-         Chocolate | Chocolate Drinks| Nutella

2-         Sweets

3-         Crisps / Chips

4-         Ketchup

5-         Instant Noodles

6-         Nuggets

7-         Fizzy drinks

8-         Nuts and seeds

9-         Any foods contain nuts and seeds

Important Note- Dafna International Kindergarten is a Nut Free School and any foods with nuts that has been brought to school will be confiscated and returned to the parents or guardians at the end of the school day.