Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Provide our children from different cultures with advanced educational content based on creativity using the latest International curricula and programs in order to prepare a distinguished generation of creators and inventors

Our Mission

To offer a safe, enjoyable, supportive, advanced educational environment that helps children to learn, accomplish, innovate and develop effectively for the global competition.

Our Values

Dafna International Kindergarten is a community-established environment aimed towards our core values.
Our most significant mission is to ensure the growth and well-being of each other. Children, despite being young, can still acknowledge the wisdom and beauty of one another.
When we stand by and support each other, we grow immensely. Dafna International Kindergarten was always built on the foundation of these core values. Naming these values will allow us to amplify our capability to learn and love well.
We believe our classrooms are living examples of these morals; they are felt, heard, and seen in action every day. We believe these values will be within our students throughout their lives as citizens, passionate learners, and loyal friends.