School Bus Service Policy


At Dafna International School Kindergarten, we believe that the safety of our students is of paramount importance, as such, all transported students shall conduct themselves on the bus and at bus stops in a manner which contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone.

COVID 19 Restrictions

  • Parents are responsible to ensure that their children are not ill or feeling unwell before they get on the bus.
  • This is to protect all staff and children on each bus. Before they enter the bus, their temperatures will be checked at both collection and drop off time.
  • Children cannot board the bus if they fail the temperature checks. Immediate arrangements will need to be made by the parents to take them back home.
  • If a child fails a temperature test at afternoon pick up, they will be escorted back to the school nurse and parents will be informed to collect the child immediately.

General Guidelines

  • When a student’s usual travel arrangements are altered, a written note or a phone call should be made to the school before 9.30 am to the office by the Parent/Guardian of the bus rider, we do not accept however changes to route.
  • The parent must check with the school if the new house location would become under the school transport area in the event of moving to a new house.
  • Any student behavior that affects the safety of other children or the bus driver will not be tolerated. 
  • If the behavior is a violation of the school policy, the proper authorities shall be notified and all riding privileges for the student shall be suspended.
  • If a student performs an act jeopardizing the safe operation of the bus and/or endangers the safety of others on the bus, the head of the school may suspend the student from riding the bus the next morning.
  • The parent(s) will be notified by the school authorities of this action on the same day. A written report shall also be completed and filed properly. Riding privileges shall not be reinstated until a meeting is held with the driver, parent(s), student, and school Social Worker.

Morning Pick-Up from home

  • Child must be ready on time and outside at the designated area for pick-up. Children must be accompanied by an adult who waits until the bus arrives and picks up the child from the bus stop drop-off location (Clubhouse/Main Gate).
  • Bus Drivers and Monitors have been instructed to wait no longer than three (3) minutes for a house pick up, and five (5) minutes waiting for Clubhouse pick-up, during the morning pick-up time.
  • Should the child be late, the bus will move to the next stop. If a child misses the bus, the parents must provide transportation to school.

After School Drop-Off

  • Drivers and Monitors have been instructed to NOT drop off any young child unless there is a known/designated adult present to meet and receive the child.
  • The bus monitor will call the parent or guardian three (3) minutes before the bus arrives at the designated area.
  • Should the bus arrive at the stop or a house and no adult is present to meet the bus on arrival, the child will be kept on the bus and the parent will need to collect at end of the designated bus run.
  • Parents will be contacted to inform of this situation. This rule is strictly enforced.

Student Expectations

  • Students must wait at the bus waiting area with a supervisor until instructed to board.
  • No student is to board or leave a bus while it is in motion.
  • Students must board or leave the bus in a quiet orderly manner.
  • Students allocated a seat must remain seated for the whole of the journey.
  • No student should, under any circumstances, have any part of his/her body sticking out of the bus or throw any object within or from a bus.
  • Mischievous conduct or any action which may distract the driver is not allowed.
  • No food or drink is to be consumed on school buses.
  • Students must not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion.

Basis of Discretion

  • Bus monitors are appointed to liaise with the school bus driver and School Bus Coordinator.
  • A daily record of bus attendees is maintained by the bus monitors in liaison with the bus coordinator.
  • Any special circumstances will be handled by the coordinator in consultation with the Principal.