Social Media Policy

At Dafna International School Kindergarten, we aim to ensure that technology is integrated into children’s play, leisure experiences, projects, and practices. We support the appropriate use of technology by children and educators and recognise that the children in our care will experience and engage with many forms of electronic media both in and out of the Kindergarten.

Our aim is to encourage all children to use and access information and communication technologies to express ideas, access images and information, and explore diverse perspectives, engaging these tools for designing, drawing, editing, and composing.

We believe that any use of social media must not place at risk the safety, health or wellbeing of children, educators, families, visitors at Dafna International School Kindergarten.

Benefits of Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and Dafna KG Website)

  • Improvement of communication links with Parents/Guardians.
  • Promote the successes of the Kindergarten and our students to a wider audience.
  • Allow greater engagement with school sport and promote shared values.
  • Promote literacy and extended learning through the posting of links to relevant material.
  • Help to maintain links with former students and their families.


  • Information regarding special achievements and events will be published as will other departmental information such as fixtures and results for the PE and Arabic Departments.
  • Information regarding the school day, such as what the children have been learning or what happened when visitors come to the school.
  • Sharing the great experiences with parents, families and Dafna KG communities whilst the students are at field trips.
  • Photographs of students will only be used if permission has been granted by a Parent/Guardian).
  • Links to interesting articles will be shared to enhance learning opportunities.
  • No direct messages will be sent via social media and no messages will be replied to. (Our communication with wider communities will be via direct phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp during school hours).
  • In the interests of safeguarding, all accounts will be overseen by the School’s Senior Leadership Team.

We will remove any comments that.

  • Name specific individuals in a negative way.
  • Are abusive or contain inappropriate language or statements.
  • Use defamatory, abusive, or generally negative terms about any individual.
  • Do not show proper consideration for others privacy.
  • Any negative comments that negatively impact on the standards of the Kindergarten.
  • Do not serve the purpose of the original posts.