Homework Policy

Our Kindergarten teachers will be sending home homework assignments on Thursdays every week as follows,
Arabic – 2 sheets
English- 2 sheets
Maths- 1 sheet
Science – 1 sheet

The homework assignments, with your cooperation, will reinforce skills taught in school.
Homework assignments are to be completed and returned to school on Mondays.
Remember, parents, we have to work together to ensure that your child successfully completes his/her homework assignments.
With that in mind, it generally takes about 20 minutes for the children to complete their homework each day.
If it takes your child longer than 20 minutes per day to complete homework assignments, please talk with your child’s teacher.

• Provide a quiet place for your child to do his/her work;
• Review your child’s work with him/her before returning it to school;
• Have your child return all of the completed homework assignments;
• Make sure that your child’s completed work is clean and neat;
• Have your child use a pencil to do the homework;
•Remind your child that he/she needs to return the completed homework on Mondays.