Why choose Dafna International School Kindergarten

Choosing a kindergarten where to entrust your child for so many hours in the day can be a difficult decision. We hope that the following references will help you, as you prepare to choose a preschool for your child.

  • At Dafna International School Kindergarten, your child’s happiness is our priority.
  • Our team of highly qualified and experienced teachers will fill each day with opportunities for your child to explore, imagine, create, play, and learn through the delivery of a very comprehensive and holistic curriculum.
  • Our Kindergarten Premises is designed to allow learning to take place in a stimulating and safe environment. As you leave your child with their teacher each morning, you can feel confident that their day is going to be fun-filled and active and as result your child will foster a love of learning that will lay the foundation for an incredibly happy and successful future.
  • We maintain an “open door” policy. All parents are welcome to be always at the school. As a family-run kindergarten, we keenly feel the need to build a community for families, and we do our best to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable here.
  • Parents are involved in parent-teacher meetings twice a year, or more often as per the need.
  • Information about the child’s day is shared either at pick-up personally or through a written daily report in the homework diary.
  • We publish a weekly overview which is e-mailed to the parents.
  • Although the teachers’ focus during the day is on the children and they may not be available to answer the phone, the school’s Kindergarten’s Secretary / Receptionist is also on hand to answer calls.
  • We also organize Montessori workshops for the teaching staff and parents, picnics, and get-togethers throughout the year so that our families can meet with each other in an easy setting.
  • We know many of the parents are busy, so we provide safe, reliable transportation to and from area schools. You can be sure your children are in good hands and they are received in the morning and handed over to the parents in the afternoon with utmost care and protection.